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Under The Dark Wing was named 5th best short film of 2013 by The Conduit Speaks.

Film Deviant Interviews director Christopher Di Nunzio about Under The Dark Wing.

Reviews for Under The Dark Wing:


"if you’re lucky, you’ll catch UNDER THE DARK WING at a film fest near you." - Ambush Bug (Ain't It Cool News)


" Let me just say that this is more than a movie—it is an experience." - Reviews by Amos Lassen


"I will savor what I just watched which is one of the better, more original short films I have ever seen." - Mike D (The Film Philosopher)


"Relying equally heavy on its characters and strong performances as on style and atmosphere" - Mike Haberfelner (re)Search my Trash)


"My only prerequisite when pressing play on a short film is ‘leave me wanting more’ and UNDER THE DARK WING did just that." - The Blue Took (The Slaughtered Bird)


"Under The Dark Wing is another well-polished film from a Director (Christopher Di Nunzio) who continues to shine" - Patrick Ricketts (Video Views)


"Under The Dark Wing is one of the more interesting shorts I’ve seen this year, it’ll make you think about karma and the consequences of people’s actions!" - Brian Morton (Rogue Cinema) 


"Overall, Under The Dark Wing is an accomplished and cine-literate addition to this young director’s growing portfolio." - Pete Wall (Strangers in a Cinema)


"Jessy Row was powerful." "David Graziano portrayed the Boss George and was fantastic." - Char Hardin


"The dialogue in this film matches perfectly with the atmosphere created by the cinematography. Writers Pedro Alvarado and DiNunzio evoke the patois  of playwright and writer-director-producer David Mamet’s gangster and con-artist characters, as in, for example “House of Games”  (1987)." Bill Meeker (

Great write up for Her Heart Still Beats from Horror Unlimited. Read more here

Nihilism review:

“Nihilism” from director Christopher DiNunzio is a well crafted and fascinating experimental short film that should really be seen by folks looking for some form of verification in a world they just don’t understand." - Felix Vasquez Jr (Cinema Crazed)
Reviews on Her Heart Still Beats:

"Christopher Di Nunzio is able to hit all the right beats in adapting and modernizing Poe’s classic tale." - Ain't It Cool News

"Di Nunzio very much has made a classic thriller in look and feel." - The Independent Critic

"if you have seen any of Director, Christopher Di Nunzio's films before then you already know He is an amazing filmmaker and He once again does not disappoint." - Video Views

"a solid introduction into Di Nunzio capabilities who most certainly will be going on to direct and write bigger things." -

"there is not a single area in which this film does not deliver." - 10K Bullets

"Director Christopher Di Nunzio really does know how to peel back layers of horror and suspense,and when the final screw turns, it's quite a maddening little gem." ​- Cinema Crazed

"Poe would be proud"

- Scared Stiff Reviews


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