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"Di Nunzio has erected a tour de force which will warrant a mandatory, compulsory viewing. Delusion is a magnum opus of the highest order." - Andrew Buckner (A Word of Dreams)

"Christopher Di Nunzio's DELUSION is one of those small films you'll probably never notice. A small scale supernatural tinged drama it has no big stars, nothing flashy to direct your gaze toward it, but it is is none the less a gem of a film that deserves your attention." - Steve Kopian (Unseen Films)

"Di Nunzio definitely has an eye for horror and an ambition to tell terrifying tales from the heart." - M. L. Miller aka Ambush Bug  (Ain't It Cool News)


"I can see fans of old-time cinema absolutely devouring this one." - Matt Boiselle (Dread Central)

"An intelligent and clever film that grabs a hold of you right from the start and it keeps you engaged and invested all the way to the end." - Patrick Ricketts (VideoViews)

"A solid cast and some good photography combine with unpretentious direction and a good script to create a fine slice of thought-provoking horror cinema that raises questions about what is on screen and follow-on questions about the nature of reality and ideas of mental health." - MJ Simpson (Cult films and the people who make them)


"Most fascinating are the peculiarly natural performances that weave through the staunch atmosphere. The actors have a smooth, organic style to their performances that give the movie a low-key vibe of sinister murmurs while it portrays internal rumination." - Ryan Aarset (366 Weird Movies)

"Keep an eye out for this one. Its deft mix of insanity, the occult, murder, and revenge makes it a prime candidate for festival wins and distribution deals." - William Meeker (Loud Green Bird)


"Like in life, the viewer really has no idea what will happen next." - Josh Allen Goldman (A REVIEWlution)

"A movie like this relies on strong storytelling instincts, as well as technical qualities behind-the-scenes, and “Delusion” has some of the strongest on both levels from his films, starting with the cinematography by Nolan Yee and music by Frederic Mauerhofer. From a performance standpoint, Graziano is terrific as Frank." - Brian Skutle (Sonic Cinema)

"the whole thing works is thanks not only to a smart screenplay but also a self-assured directorial effort and strong performances." - Michael Haberfelner (Search my Trash)


"Another strength of this film is its Film Noir visuals which add a tremendous amount of atmosphere. And when it comes to the performances the entire cast are good in their respective roles. With this film’s standout performance being David Graziano in the role of Frank Parrillo, the grieving husband. " - Michael Den Boer (10K Bullets) 


"“Delusion” is another worthy effort from Di Nunzio and crew, providing a different manner and style of dramatic horror that isn’t common to the oft done genre. It will please fans, plus ideally gain new followers who might not normally take in this type of tale.' - Kirk S. Fernwood (One Film Fan) 


"Delusion is more about the mental processes we go through and focuses on the un-nerving and unsettling aspects of what may or may not be real." - Michael Smith (Mike's Film Talk)


"The payoff in Di Nunzio’s ability to create living, breathing full-blooded characters is that we care about Frank and the danger he may be incurring precisely because he is so real to us" - Scott Larson (Scott's Movies)

"The audience remains stunned and intrigued throughout the film. We can watch it over and over and find different aspects to be considered. I am writing this after my third viewing." - Amos Lassen

"DELUSION is a strong and fairly creepy film. At time as much a drama and character study as a horror movie it requires attention and a bit of patience. Those willing to give it that will be well rewarded." - Jim Morazzini (Rogue Cinema)

Delusion at Amazon

Interview with Writer/Director Christopher Di Nunzio about Delusion by Phillip Wilcox of Dark Comedy Productions

Poster by Melanie Kotoch

Poster by Melanie Kotoch 

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