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A Life Not To Follow

"Di Nunzio has crafted an indie masterpiece." - Andrew Buckner (A Word of Dreams)

"The film is gritty, moody, intelligent, intriguing and pretty damn perfect. This is the type of noir Hollywood wishes it could make." - Patrick Ricketts (Video Views)


"It’s a potent message that makes Di Nunzio’s film a worthy entry into a decades-long legacy of gangster films; the way he approaches that message makes it one of the best ones." - Brian Skutle (Sonic Cinema)


"If you get a chance to see A Life Not To Follow, don't pass it up." - Richard Morchoe (Examiner)


"Capozzi is a charisma machine as the despicable Luca, channeling a young James Gandolfini with startling results." - Danilo Castro (Film Noir Archive)


"The story and screenplay, created and written by DiNunzio and Pedro Alvarado, is an imaginative entry to a genre that has many contenders." - William Meeker (Loud Green Bird) 


"It is interesting that the gangster film never seems to become old hat. Every once in a while we get one that blows us away and given the proper distribution, this may be the one for this year. Everything about it gets an A plus rating." - Amos Lassen (Reviews by Amos Lassen)


"“A Life Not to Follow” is a solid neo-noir crime film. Di Nunzio once again shows that he is a very capable director inside a genre that is sometimes easy to yawn at. The cinematography from Nolan Yee is wonderfully claustrophobic and really helps set the seedy vibe that the films achieves." - Mike D (The Film Philosopher)


"A Life Not To Follow” brings a story that deftly and blatantly illustrates the consequences and reasoning of why “the life” portrayed is exactly as its title suggests." - Kirk Fernwood (One Film Fan) 


Interview with Christopher Di Nunzio about A Life Not To Follow & more at 

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Poster by Melanie Kotoch

Poster by Melanie Kotoch

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